I love knowing your broker cares..

I was just on the phone with our broker on another matter and once we finished our business he politely asked me some questions about dmil. He is truly concerned about the financial situation she is in and wanted to reassure me that he is taking proper steps where dmil is concerned. He then asked how dh and I were doing emotionally with the whole situation. I surprised myself because I started crying. I apologized to him and said it was just she is the only mother I have left and this whole situation is killing both of us. That right now we don’t even know for certain where she is.
He said should we end up in court he will gladly testify for us. I told him how sil is opening charge cards in dmil’s name and maxing them and how she has cashed out the life insurance policy.. He is adding that to his reports. He is also putting a safe guard on the account in case she tries to use it for an asset for the cc. He says the woman has no idea how big of legal trouble she is already in and that if she makes another run at the money then his firm will be filing charges on her.
He guaranteed me that the money was going no where, and told dh and I to take a deep breath and relax that he is handling it now. I love that man!

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