I won’t admit to being obsessed

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I’ve never been a big-spender, I’m frugal by nature. I’m the worst quilter in the world because I don’t buy fabric and I don’t “have a stash”!

We had avoided debt pretty easily, except our house, until we had so much car trouble and decided to throw up our hands and “be normal” for once and get a new car. We bought the cheapest one we could find and swore we’d pay it off early. That was last August and I’ve been obsessed with every extra dime we have going toward that car payment. We’ve paid almost $5k on it since then and now that my husband is working full time again, we will have it paid off in September. That’s four and a half years early! Whoo!

And now that our mortgage has switched hands, we have decided to keep rolling as much as we can on that rental house. We should have it paid off early 2015. Then my son graduates HS and I already have his future planned out for him!

Ok, here’s the “crazy lady” part…..

I have a 45-minute commute. Guess what I do on that commute! I listen to DR podcasts, sort of…. but I talk to him. I hold conversations with him, just like if I were calling his show. I get all kinds of good advice from him, too!!

I only hope that other commuters think I’m on the phone!

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