Let me first tell my crazy story

I went to get groceries and I admit I looked rough. We are in the middle of a yard remodel. I had been hauling mulch, morter mix and etc. So, I get my groceries and everything doesn’t fit in the cart. I put the rest under. I get to the check out. I have the guy ring the bottom stuff first then put it back. As I am leaving a totally different cashier snatches my milk and makes a huge deal like I stole it. I went off. Then, later my new BIL asks my kids if they didn’t think I was too frugal. Mind you he is buries in debt. We are finally spending money on us and suddenly everyone is acting like we are some crazy frugal nut jobs. Anyone get this? I would have thought proving the program works would have shut them up. Mind you not that I care but curious what everyone else gets from others.

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