First of all Food Lion could be sued for such actions

They owe you MUCH more than an apology. I know from years in retail that her actions can get them sued. Now on to the frugal stuff. Remember the good old family ABCD, well they are at it again. C& D live in a portable building on A&B’s property. Well C&D are currently living with church friends because the septic isn’t working on the portable building and C is driving three times the distance to work (the only one of the 4 with a job) because of it—she’s often late which means that job too will probably go south soon.
A&B won’t help get the septic problem fixed even though it is their building (as in they are the landlords) and D is, well shall we say not willing to get his hands dirty. The reason A&B say they can’t get the septic fixed is because they don’t have any money. Yet they just bought a new used second car from one of those pay at the lot places….I know, I know see DR’s feelings on this.
Well this family is constantly giving US financial advice! According to them we are too tight with our money, that if they had the money we do they’d be living it up! They also think we are stupid for saving for things like car repairs and not replacing the truck, which is only 8 years old.
C was complaining to me recently that she and D are in a real financial bind and NEED a big influx of cash asap. I suggested that while D was at the library applying for jobs online (hint, hint) he check out The Total Money Makeover and both of them read it. She blew me off, and went on to complaining about how they never had any money. I tried to get her to understand at their age (early 30’s) they could get debt free, and retire young if they’d just do it. She laughed at me, stating that no one is ever totally debt free that there will always be car and house payments, then went back to complaining.
The next day I see on facebook that she and D had been at a fancy Italian restaurant for a fun night out the night before.
Me I just shake my head and tell myself 18-24 months.

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