Wow, knowing more now about those details

I would second the strong suggestion to talk to the manager. Having worked retail a fair amount myself, we were taught certain theft deterrence or suspected theft response procedures. That employee’s behavior was NOT an acceptable set of actions. Not that you would do this, but that employee just exposed that store to a lawsuit for profiling, if you were so inclined. That employee should be required to attend or repeat Theft Prevention/Response 101, and that manager should be bending over backwards to apologize and restore your faith in that store’s customer service. If she did that to you, who else is she doing it to? I can guarantee that if she was that gung-ho about it with you, she’s already done it to other folks, and will continue to do so unless someone says something. I would have raised a royal, loud objection had that been me. I just have zero tolerance for that sort of over-the-top behavior.

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